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For this university project, my team and I conducted a heuristic evaluation of the user checkout flow on Forever 21's mobile interface. We measured the usability of the product against the 10 Usability Heuristics and made improvements to the microcopy and content design for 4 screens.

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Over the course of 5 days, my team and I developed a solution for food waste, in the form of an interactive prototype of a mobile app. While adhering to project constraints, we used the Double Diamond process model as a guide for making efficient decisions, at a rapid pace.


As the UX Writer, I conducted a competitive analysis, developed a style guide and owned all aspects of the copy for our digital solution.

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For this university project, I was tasked with conducting a content audit of the Allen Public Library website and re-designing the navigation structure, based on user pain-points. After conducting research through SME interviews and a literature review, I defined the target users and their motivations/pain-points. I revised the content organization scheme, sketched wireframes of the proposed re-design and tested it with real users using a TreeJack study.

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I designed Avani from May to July of 2022 during my UX Design bootcamp. We were tasked with choosing a problem space and designing a MVP over a 10-week time frame. Having a background in the retail industry, I chose to explore E-commerce and discovered that there was an area of opportunity: accurate sizing.

To solve this problem, I used an end-to-end design thinking strategy where I focused on the target user group and their needs.

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